Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Becoming Your Own Banker

"Banking is the most important business in the world."
~R. Nelson Nash, Bestselling Author of Becoming Your Own Banker 

Learn what banks know. Discover the Infinite Banking Concept by attending an educational workshop with Nelson Nash, author of the bestselling book, Becoming Your Own Banker, in Ocean Springs, MS on September 15th-16th.  

You can register online for this once in a lifetime event here:  

By utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept, one can in essence, create their own private banking system, never having to depend on traditional banks or the government for money or financing again. You can finance your cars, kids education, and even business equipment through your own bank.
To understand privatized banking one must first understand how money flows. Our money flows through our lives and throughout the world, just as water flows through our bodies and the oceans. The ability to control this flow of money is the key to understanding how to create a private bank.

Lifetime Bank - Privatized Banking from Legacy Insurance Agency

You can create your own system for financing all of your purchases over your lifetime, and then pass it on to your heirs and family.

Click the link below to register online now, seating is limited::
Becoming Your Own Banker Workshop Registration

This event will change your life, I hope to see you there.
Barry Page, RFC
Infinite Banking Coach

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