Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Take Control of Your Finances and Avoid the Government Chaos!

Take Control of Your Finances and Avoid the Government Chaos!

Our government is out of ideas... and chaos is taking control. In 2006 they didn't see the crisis coming? Then in 2008 they couldn't understand it, so they threw money at the problem. Then from 2009-2011 more bailouts and wreckless spending still haven't worked.

Meanwhile, American households knew that the problem was too much debt. Still, they have the gall to ask for more money and to raise the debt ceiling. The FED chief (Ben Bernanke of The Federal Reserve) claims that the money we've spent was "invested" and we are receiving a return on our investment. Yet, after over $7 TRILLION in losses, housing prices continue to fall, unemployment continues to rise, and new graduates can't get a job. You would think "they" would get it by now, more debt is not the answer.

Take a look at our current debt: http://usdebtclock.org Do you see any return?

While our Government can not solve their debt problems, you can! You don't have to depend on the government and the financial institutions. By taking responsibility for your financial decisions, you can create your own system of finance. One that will free you from the dependency of the government. Take the time to educate yourself and take control of your finances today by Becoming Your Own Banker

Politicians are wasting your money and they want more! The reason that defaulting on our debt would cause problems is because we are in debt in the first place!!! Think about it... They are warning us that it would be harder for Americans to borrow money if we defaulted. Why? The FED and banks have BILLIONS of FIAT money sitting in vaults and interest rates are at the lowest points in history. What do you think the problem is now?

The very reason we are in this mess in the first place is because of DEBT, over leveraging and eased lending practices. This causes false hope and INFLATION. And, if you haven't felt it yet, it's coming. Government needs to be smaller and we need to abolish the FED. We need to take control of our finances and STOP being dependent on the government and the financial institutions.

Depending on where you went to school, you probably learned about economics from a Keynesian perspective. This is exactly what our government is doing now, trying to spend our way out of an economic problem. Contrary to this belief, free markets should be allowed to exist, and money creation out of thin air should not.

Austrian Economics is an entirely different approach that dissents from the mainstream on method, theory, and policy. It views economic actors as unique, conscious, and freely choosing individuals, not as undifferentiated data to be manipulated mathematically or politically.

Rooted in the tradition of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises, as well as Murray Rothbard and F.A. Hayek, the Austrian approach offers a rigorous and logical approach to economics that gives free markets their due and takes full account of the reality of human choice.

You can learn more about Austrian Economics and sit in on live classes via the web, absolutely free of charge from the Mises University. Just click this link: Austrian Economics Taught Here.

This should give you plenty to think about, and hopefully you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our country's current problems are rooted in debt and overspending. More government control of our financial decisions and more spending are not the answers. You do not have to depend on politicians to solve your financial problems. Just take a look at their records and you will understand why. Take action today!

Until next time,
Take Control of Your Finances!
Barry Page

Barry Page is recognized as a leading expert on life insurance and private banking. He is a Registered Financial Consultant and independent life insurance agent who helps clients with tax advantaged investment alternatives. He specializes in showing families how to protect their assets, income and lives utilizing a macro-financial approach to planning.

He has created a service that caters to families and business owners that are frustrated with the risks involved with the stock market, but still want competitive returns. His specialized knowledge and services help consumers find alternatives to traditional investing and the stock market that not only safely protect their savings, but also provide tax advantages.
His business is based in Ocean Springs, MS and he services clients throughout the Southeast. He can be reached here: http://legacyinsuranceagency.com/contact.html

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