Thursday, September 4, 2008

How To Save with Your Life Insurance

Life Insurance Planning
It May Be Time to Reevaluate Your Policy

You can use life insurance to protect your family and save money in any economy. As the political landscape heats up headlines will abound. Unfortunately, many of these headlines will be of negative news. One recent headline from the Washington Post read “Inflation Climbs to 17-Year High.” So, you are paying more now for what it takes you to live on. Things like food, clothing and gas.

The good news is there is one thing that works as a hedge against inflation, Life Insurance. As a matter of fact, because of mortality rates increasing, the cost of life insurance has actually gone down in recent years. And, as you look for more effective ways to have your dollar last longer and work harder, permanent life insurance provides protection, savings and growth.

So, how can you save money with your life insurance? Well, first you need to evaluate your situation with a qualified life insurance agent to make sure your family's needs are covered. Second, if you currently have enough coverage, you may be able to get a better rate now than when you first applied. Third, there are more and better choices today and your current plan may be out of date.

Let's take a look at some specifics. According to LIMRA, a leading authority on life insurance research, over 68 million Americans have no life insurance and many that do, don't have enough. Some may look at this and say they don't have it because they can't afford it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Life insurance is more affordable than ever, and in many cases it's less than any regular bill every month. And, if you don't have it, your family will ultimately pay more. If you are having problems making ends meet, a qualified agent can help you find money that you are probably losing to fees, taxes and other unnecessary expenses.

Other important points of interest include financing, education, retirement and medical costs. When structured properly, life insurance can provide all of these added benefits in a single product. Proper coordination and integration is required here, so again you will want to seek competent advice.

The bottom line, life insurance provides multiple uses of your money. No other product can guarantee that what you want to happen will happen, regardless of what else happens with the economy, the weather and your health.

So, why not take the opportunity to speak with your life insurance agent today. Your family and charity are depending on you.

Enjoy life today and leave a legacy for tomorrow,
Barry Page

Barry Page is a licensed, independent life insurance agent.
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