Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wall Street is a Casino and They Are Gambling with Your Money

Wall Street is a Casino and they are Gambling with Your Money 

Asset managers and the big banks on Wall Street speculate and make bets with other people's money. Not only do banks run their business like casinos, they actually own, operate and finance gambling establishments. 

Derivatives are unregulated bets and expose investors to unforeseen risk. Credit default swaps are derivatives that were in part blamed for our current economic recession, yet the gambling goes on. 

401(k) participants, mutual fund holders and retail investors are unknowing participants in the derivatives markets as asset managers speculate with currency derivatives, interest rate derivatives, credit derivatives and equity derivatives. The total derivatives market is estimated to be a QUADRILLION dollars.

Hypocritically, all of the major banks hold their Tier 1 capital, their most important asset, in permanent life insurance called BOLI. Even the FDIC recommends that banks hold their assets there. That's right, while the big banks and asset managers encourage you to gamble, they play it safe by owning cash-value life insurance. 

Why gamble with your money? Turn the tables on the Wall Street Fat Cats and take control of your finances. You can own a safe asset that provides you with protection, savings, growth and banking features.

Are you sick and tired of seeing the Wall Street mobsters gamble with your money? Are you ready to tell the big banks and Wall Street good bye? Discover how you can free yourself from the corrupt system where the odds are clearly stacked against you.

Request a meeting and learn how you can fire your banker. You can bypass the Wall Street Casinos and take back control of your financial future when you learn how to Become Your Own Banker. Follow this link: http://legacyinsuranceagency.com/infinitebanking/ibc-meeting 

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