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Your Future Resides in Your Hands - What You Can Do Now to Secure Your Family’s Future

What You Can Do Now to Secure Your Family’s Future

It’s down to the wire… Who will be the next President of the United States of America? Regardless of who wins, your future resides in your hands. In the coming months our world is going to change… the question is, will you be ready for what’s next?

In my business, I've been advised not to speak about politics or religion. I disagree with this, because our history is based on both politics and religion. And, if you don’t understand history then you are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past in the future.

Currently, our country is in the middle of an economic depression. Congress has refused to balance the budget and government spending is out of control. And… many Americans don’t seem to care about this or the issues that will affect them and their families in the future. 

In my opinion, these are a few key issues that will have a tremendous impact on our country going forward. We have, and will experience tremendous change because of these issues.

1.   Economics – Current economic policy suggests that we can spend our way out of our financial problems, better known as Keynesian Economics. On the other side of the coin is Austrian Economics which is based on a free market economy with less government involvement. Only one Presidential candidate advocated Austrian Economics, and he is no longer in the race. You can learn more about Austrian Economics from the Mises Institute.   

2.    Entitlement – As American’s feel the pinch of failed policies and economic depression, they are becoming more and more reliant on the government for handouts. The number of American’s depending on Medicaid, food stamps and other government welfare has grown at alarming rates in the last few years. 

3.    Marriage – Even government statistics show that children growing up in broken homes, or single parent homes, are less likely to finish college and more likely to commit crimes. Divorce rates are rising as parents find it harder to find employment. And, single parents having children out of wedlock have risen at alarming rates. 

All of these issues revolve around responsibility. This word can be broken down into the words, Response and Ability. Our ability to respond to our situations with our God given ability will determine our success. Even if we fail, when we take responsibility for our actions, we succeed in learning and growing. When we blame others for our circumstances, we develop an entitlement mindset, therefore failing in our ability to improve.

Merriam Webster Definition of RESPONSIBILITY:  the quality or state of being responsible: as a : moral, legal, or mental accountability b : reliability, trustworthiness.

According to this definition, do you think that our government is being Responsible? Reliable? Accountable?  I’ll stay away from the Legal, Moral and Trustworthy terms and let you ask those questions.

The good news is, you don’t have to depend on the government or their handouts to be responsible. This can start at home by changing a few habits. You don’t need any more time or money to do these simple things, and you will be amazed at the results.

 5 Habits You Can Change Now 
  1. Read More (History and biographies, Not fiction or magazines)
  2. Watch Less TV (Reserve the television for family movies, special events and education)
  3. Eat Together (Schedule meals. Research shows that family meals produce positive kids)
  4. Pray Together (Our country was founded on faith and we need it now more than ever)
  5. Spend Less, Save More and Invest Wisely (Remain liquid and keep an emergency fund)

What else can you do at home? You can protect what is most important to you. Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN your affairs are in order. Here’s what I mean. Think about what is absolutely most important to you. If something catastrophic happened, what do you want to happen?

3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home and Future  
  1. Stockpile Food and Plant a garden
  2. Secure Your Home and Valuables 
  3. Get a Weapon for Protection
Hopefully this blog has caused you to think about your family and what’s important. Now that you have a better idea of what you can do, take action now!

Until next time,
Barry Page

Legacy Insurance Agency, PLLC

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Barry Page is recognized as a leading expert on life insurance and private banking. He is a financial consultant and independent life insurance agent who helps clients with tax advantaged investment alternatives. He specializes in showing families how to protect their assets, income and lives utilizing a macro-financial approach to planning. 

His specialized knowledge and services help consumers find alternatives to traditional investing and the stock market that not only safely protects their savings, but also provide tax advantages. His business is based in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and he services clients throughout the United States.

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