Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tu Ne Cede Malis!

Tu Ne Cede Malis!
Do Not Give In To Evil

The motto of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Tu Ne Cede Malis, should be our battle cry. What is being perpetrated as a means to save our country by unprecedented spending is evil. The government is seizing control of our liberties quickly, and as citizens we must stand up against this evil.

Ron Paul, a student of Austrian economics, has been behind a push to audit the Federal Reserve. On the other side, Ben Bernanke, objects to this “intrusion” into their books, stating that it would cause a massive failure to our financial system. Does it seem ironic to you that Ben Bernanke bailed out Goldman Sachs, but not their nearest competitor, Lehman Brothers?

According to Reuters, 84 banks have failed so far in 2009, over 400 more are in trouble. The FDIC funds have been depleted by 20% due to these failures. And you think your money is safe in the bank? Mostly it is, but that’s not the problem. When banks and government collude to create a system to control monetary supply, now that is a problem. And, our Federal Reserve System is a major source of the problem.

Recently I heard Warren Buffett answer some financial questions about the past year on MSNBC. He said that he didn’t worry about the market or losing money because he knew over the long term that the dollar will go down in value and in turn he would make money. Huh? Does he know something that we don’t?

Later, talking about taxes and what it will take for our economy to recover, Buffett stated that American’s must trust our banks. And, when looking at the market, he likes Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs, of course.

Shortly after that a commercial comes on that reminded me of a rock band concert ad, it was for Timothy Geithner! MSNBC is throwing a big party town hall meeting where “you” can ask him tough questions….yeah right. If you get a chance, ask him why he lied about cheating on his taxes or how if he can’t figure that out, how he plans to run our country’s accounting and tax system. We have a tax cheat running the IRS and basically deciding the fate of our country… Maybe Obama will be the opening act.

Okay, back to the banks. Banks are failing because of the Federal Reserve System. Ask yourself how a bank can borrow money for less than1%, loan it out for 5% to upwards of 20%, and lose money? Banks use a fractional reserve lending system. This allows them to lend out much more than they have in reserves, taking huge risks.

People are nervous, and rightly so. What can you do? I hear that every day. The good news is that there is something you can do. You need to do the OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING.

Here’s my short list of what YOU CAN DO NOW:
1. Take control of your finances, now.
2. Curb your spending and save the difference.
3. Spread your accounts around if you keep large amounts of liquid cash.
4. When looking for a secure location to store your wealth consider the solvency of the financial institution, do your research.

As you start to accumulate wealth and educate yourself on how your money is flowing, you will want to ask yourself some questions, and understand who is really in control of your account.

5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a place to deposit YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY:
1. Is my principle guaranteed?
2. Are my funds liquid?
3. Are my funds creditor protected?
4. Are there any tax benefits?
5. Will I earn a competitive return?

Your time is now. If you find yourself in uncertain financial times or with growing concerns over where our country is headed, take control. Use this as an opportunity to explore your passion. Leverage your time and your relationships to pursue your dreams. Protect your liberty and cherish your freedom.

Until next time,
Barry Page

Barry Page is a licensed insurance agent and financial consultant located in Ocean Springs, MS. He can be reached via the web at

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