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Learn How To Create Your Own Banking System Using the Infinite Banking Concept™

· You could recapture all the money you paid for a car?
· You could recapture all the interest you paid on financing it?
· You could make the same profits as the banking institution that financed it?


Infinite Banking teaches the process of using your current flow of finances versus consumption of money, for integrating protection and wealth accumulation enabling one to enhance their assets without creating additional liabilities. If you had your own grocery store would you buy groceries from a competitor's store? If you owned your own bank, would you borrow money from a competitor's bank? Most people agree that if you own a business, it makes sense to fully utilize that business and all its assets for not only your business but also for your personal needs. Yet that is not generally what happens especially when we make significant purchases such as cars, equipment, and homes.

· Use available savings and cash flow to build your own “bank”
· Finance things you buy through your own “bank” with loans from your “bank” to you
· Repay your “bank” exactly the same way as you would repay the financial institution you would use otherwise
· Build a system of banks that increases your personal wealth

Consider this, "we finance evetything that we buy." We either pay interest or we give up earning interest.

Here's the problem, the average American pays 34.5 cents of every disposable dollar to interest! And, we are not saving enough money. Currently the American savings rate is near it's lowest in history, comparable to what it was during the Great Depression. Yet, most people are more concerned about earning interest than paying interest. Even if we were saving 10% of our income (the U.S. average is less than 3%), that would mean that our ratio of paying interest to saving is 3 to 1. Rather than fighting a head wind, wouldn't it make more sense to create our own perpetual tailwind?

You can using the Infinite Banking Concept™. Though this concept has been around as long as the process of arbitrage, Nelson Nash was the first to explain in it in an easy to read book,
Becoming Your Own Banker™. The book details how anyone can create their own banking system using ordinary, dividend paying, whole-life insurance.

While the book has it's skeptics, and some naysayers have even called it a scam, the process is undeniable. You will need a coach, preferrably a qualified life insurance agent that practices the Infinite Banking Concept™ themselves. Don't expect to buy life insurance direct from the company, or ask the home office how the process works, they won't know.

So, if you are tired of paying your hard earned money to the banks and financial institutions, and you want to recapture this interest and deposit it into your own bank, then read the book. You'll learn the basics, see lots of examples of how you can use the concept, and understand what it means to be an "honest banker."

You can purchase the book Becoming Your Own Banker™ here:

Stop Paying Interest and Start Earning Interest Now! The possibilities are infinite...

Until next time,
Barry Page

Barry Page is a member of the Infinite Banking Concept Think Tank and a licensed insurance agent.


Jake said...

Good Read. We practice the concept of becoming your own banker and I can agree with what is written. Creating wealth is not about risky investments and rate of return, its about controlling the environment, and controlling your money.


Mathew Bracken said...

Its a great post..well done..i really like it..
Credit Help,Debt Help

Anonymous said...

The only questions I have is, 1) how long does it take to get a policy loan on your money? I heard that it can take up to 3yrs to get access to your money.2) What happens to the money after i die? Can I allow an entity or family member to have access to this money after i die? What happens if I withdraw all the money out of the policy and don't pay it back? Is there any way that I can allow my family to have the use of these funds indefinitely?

Barry Page, RFC said...

You ask some good questions. That's why it's important to work with an experienced agent that practices Infinite Banking themselves. I'll try to address your questions. 1. Depending on the company, you may be able to access the cash-values within 30 days. More importantly, you need to understand that you have to capitalize the policy i.e. to access the money, you need to put money in. 2. The death benefit passes to your named beneficiaries. 3. If you withdrew all of the cash-value and did not pay it back, you would not be practicing infinite banking (being an honest banker). Nonetheless, you could. Depending on when you did this, the policy dividends may still support the policy. The life insurance companies always leave enough in reserve to maintain a death benefit, but premiums must be paid and interest may accrue. 3.Absolutely, that is what infinite banking does, create generational wealth. Thanks for your comments. You can contact us to learn more.

Mike said...

Greetings, I appreciate this concept but have a few questions. If I understand right, we are just buying life insurance. Obviously we must pay the insurance company for the life insurance. What would be the difference with us simply saving the money in a savings account and purchasing cars with the saved money and repaying ourselves in our savings account (while owning simple term life insurance)? That way we would not have any outgo to the insurance company, which to me seems like a bank themselves.

I've found quite a negative article on this concept here:

Just wanting to get to the truth of it, to decide which way for us to go.

Barry Page, RFC said...

Mike, Thank you for your comments and questions. I'll try to address them for you.

The first thing I would recommend you do is to read the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, by R. Nelson Nash. This will answer the majority of your questions.

You are not just buying life insurance when you practice infinite banking. The major difference is that you would be dealing with a mutual life insurance company, not your typical stock based carrier. Banking should only be practiced with a competent, practicing agent. In other words the agent should be practicing Infinite Banking themselves.

The differences are vast between other savings plans, for example other plans can't guarantee that your plan will continue if you die or become disabled. Again, there are comparisons in the BYOB book.

Term insurance creates a Lost Opportunity Cost or LOC. You can never recapture the term premiums once they are paid. You will recapture every dime that is put into one of these type policies. Also, term insurance goes away when you need it most.

I read the article you referenced. That is the typical response from those in the mutual fund world and those that do not understand IBC. I could offer you multiple testimonials about IBC and countless evidence from others who have lost buying term and investing.

Everyone's situation is different. If you would like to have a free, no obligation analysis of your situation, you can contact me here:

Legacy Insurance Agency

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